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  • Any hospital practicing modern medicine inside the State of Kerala shall be eligible to join as a member of the Association.
    • Hospital means any institution practicing modern medicine with inpatient facilities.
    • The hospital will be represented by the persons authorized by the management of the concerned hospital.
    • The hospital managements shall authorize two or more persons in accordance with the Rules regarding representation of members in Part IV Section B Clause 1 and sub-cause (b).
  • The representatives of the member hospital shall come from the categories of :-
    • Owner / Chairman or managing partner of the public or private limited company running the hospital.
    • Medical superintendent.
    • Manager / Secretary / Executive Director / MD.
    • Director / Partner.
    • Administrative Officer.
    • Public Relations Officer.
  • The personal management shall authorize persons among the categories (a) to (f) above for a minimum period of two years to represent hospital. The management shall submit the list of representatives with their addresses and phone numbers I triplicate to the local unit secretary. He will send one copy to the General Secretary and return one copy to the hospital management after signing and numbered serially.
  • The hospital management has the power to depute any other persons to attend the meetings in the absence of the regular representatives by giving an authorized letter in which case he/she have voting right in the meetings.

Type of Membership

  • Hospital members- Any hospital described in Part IV section A Clause 1, Subcaluse (a).
    • Can enroll as a member by submitting the application with the subscription fixed by the Association from time to time.
    • The number of two person representing the hospital member shall be :
      • Type 1 by two representatives, (One from part IV-A-2-a and one from part IV-A-2-b).
      • Type II by three representatives (one each from part IV A-2-a,b,c).
      • Type III by four representatives From all categories of part IV-A-2
      • Type IV by five representatives
      • Type V and VI Six representatives.
    • The subscription for each type of hospitals shall vary and shall be fixed by the SGB from time to time which shall be ratified by the next general body meetings.
    • In case of person representing a member hospital quits the post by virtue of resignation, death or otherwise the management shall have the right to substitute another person in his place for the remaining period of his term.
  • Associate members-Any person who is the owner of a clinic in modern medicine shall be eligible to enroll as an Associate Member of the Association.
    • He / She shall submit application and shall pay the subscription.
    • The associate member shall be eligible to participate in the meeting of Local units and state general body meetings and take part in discussion bit shall have no right for voting.
    • The associate member like other members shall have right to get copy of the journal and other communications.
    • Two associate members shall be nominated to the SGB by the State President with voting rights.

Collection of subscription

  • The membership fee shall be collected by the Local Units.
  • It shall be collected before 31st march of every year.
  • Those who fail to pay the subscription on or before 30th June of the year of election shall not have the right of voting in the election of the office Bearers.
  • Those who fail to pay the subscription on or before 31st Dec, shall have a break in membership and shall have to clear arrears to renew the membership in the following year with a fine of Rs.500/-.

Association Year

The Association year shall be from 1st January of an year to 31st Dec. of next calendar year that is full two calendar years.

Privileges of Members

  • The payment of subscription of the year along with the application for membership shall entitle the member to all privileges of membership of KPHA from the date of payments.
  • A member shall be entitled to get a copy of all circulars, journals and other publications of the Associations.
  • All representatives of the Hospital members and Associate member shall have the right to attend and participate in the discussion in all general body meetings and other specially called meetings, lecturers, conferences and demonstrations organized by the association.
  • All members except the Associate members shall be eligible to vote in the elections of the office bearers.
  • All members except the Associate members shall have the right to contest the election provided they fulfill criteria of eligibility to contest elections.
  • All members shall enjoy the other privilege that may in after be conferred by the Association.

Termination of Membership

  • Membership may terminate by resignation.
    • A member can resign by giving 30 days notice to the local Unit Chairman.
    • The member shall pay all dues.
    • The local unit shall intimate the Hon: General Secretary by forwarding the resignation and the state share of the dues paid with in a week of receiving resignation with his comments.
    • The General Secretary in consultation with the president shall accept the resignation and shall remove the name of the member from the rolls. He shall intimate the matter to the concerned member with a copy to the local unit with in the stipulated name.
    • The Gen: Secretary may keep it pending till the next SGB meeting if he and the President feel that there is serious issue to be brought in the SGB and the matter shall be intimate to the concerned.
    • The next SGB meeting shall discuss the issue and the member may explain his views and decisions of the SGB shall be final.
  • Membership may be terminated by removal of name on account of nonpayment of dues with in the stipulated time. Two reminders have to sent before termination of which the last one shall be registered with acknowledgement.
  • Membership in case of Associate member shall be terminated on the ground of conviction from a court of law. The representatives of the member hospital shall be withdrawn and substitute by the hospital management if such person is convicted.

Re-Admission of Members

  • Any members who was removed from the rolls as per Section G1 and G2 may be re-admitted by the concerned Local unit on receiving an application for membership, the subscription and recommended by a member of the Local unit.
  • Any member who was terminated under section G3 may be re-admitted after the expiry of the period of suspension by a single majority in the SGB.

Kerala Private Hospitals’ Association - Annual Membership Subscription Chart.

1 Type - I 25 beds or less Rs. 3,000/-
2 Type - II 26 to 100 beds Rs. 4,000/-
3 Type - III 101 to 200 beds Rs. 6,000/-
4 Type - IV & Type - V 201 to above Rs. 10,000/-
5 Type - VI Private Medical College Rs.15,000/-
6 Type - VII Eye, Ent, Cardiology Hospitals Rs.5,000/-

Legal fee

Rs.5000/- as Legal fees per year.

Send your application form filled in triplicate along with the cheque / DD for the amount as applicable for your hospital favoring "KPHA, THRISSUR" ( add Rs.100/- for outstation cheques ).

Dr. E.K. Ramachandran,
State Treasurer
Kerala Private Hospital's Association (KPHA)
T. M. Hospital,NH-17, Chettuwa
Kundaliyur PO, Thrissur - 680616.
Phone : 9847049721
E-mail : admin@kpha.co.in

For Membership

Online Application Form

Send your application filled in triplicate along with the payment ( Cheque / Demand draft ) to the Head Quarters.

T. M. Hospital, NH - 17, Chettuva,
Kundaliyur P.O.,
Thrissur - 680616

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