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Kerala Private Hospitals' Association

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Type of Membership

1) Hospital members- Any hospital described in Part IV section A, clause 1, sub-clause (a) can enroll as a member by submitting the application with the subscription fixed by the Association from time to time. The number of two person representing the member hospital shall be :

2) Associate members-Any person who is the owner of a clinic in modern medicine shall be eligible to enroll as an Associate Member of the Association.

Subscription & Legal Fee

A)Subscription Fee
Kerala Private Hospitals’ Association - Membership Subscription Chart
Category         Beds  Membership Renewal Fees  Legal Fees   Total
Category 1  1-25  Rs. 6000/-  Rs. 6000/-  Rs. 12,000/-
Category 2  26-100  Rs. 8000/-  Rs. 8000/-  Rs. 16,000/-
Category 3  101-200  Rs. 12000/-  Rs. 12000/-  Rs. 24,000/-
Category 4  201- 400  Rs. 15000/-  Rs. 15000/-  Rs. 30,000/-
Category 5  400 & above  Rs. 18000/-  Rs. 18000/-  Rs. 36,000/-
Category 6  Single Speciality / Clinics  Rs. 5000/-  Rs. 5000/-  Rs. 10000/-


B)Legal Fee

Bank Account details

Name  Kerala Private Hospitals' Association
Account Number  0024073000025927
IFSC Code  SIBL0000024
Bank  & Branch  South Indian Bank, Ernakulam Market Road Branch


Send your application form filled in triplicate along with the cheque / DD for the amount as applicable for your hospital favoring "KPHA, ERNAKULAM"  .


Kerala Private Hospital's Association (KPHA)
Head Quarters,Banerji Road, Near Ashir Bhavan,

Oppsite Metro Pillar Number P/625,

Kacheripadi Junction, Ernakulam North,

Kochi - 18

Phone : 8138994700

E-mail :

Term of Association

The term of Association shall be from 1st January of a year to 31st December of next calendar year that is full two calendar years.

Members Privileges

Termination of Membership

1. Membership may be terminated by resignation

2. Membership may be terminated by removal of name on account of nonpayment of dues within the stipulated time. Two reminders have to be sent before termination of which the last one shall be send by registered post with acknowledgement.

3. Membership in case of an associate member shall be terminated on the ground of conviction from a court of law. The representatives of the member hospital shall be withdrawn.

Re-Admission of Members

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